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Extras and Side Item

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad

Extra’s & Details on “Side” Items

Assorted Drinks

$1.95 per person

An assortment of juice, water and soft drinks

Assorted Desserts

$1.95 per person

An assorted platter which includes: chocolate chunk cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, double chocolate chunk cookies, tiger brownies, haystack brownies, caramel swirl cake, lemon streusel cake, assorted macaroons, double dutch chocolate brownie , and carrot cake

Fruit Tray

A beautiful tray of cut seasonal fruit

Serves 10-12 $36.95
Serves 20-24 $69.95
Serves 34-40 $91.95

Veggie Tray

A healthy & colorful tray of vegetables that could include: carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, snap peas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fresh bell peppers, and zucchini

Serves 10-12 $31.95
Serves 20-24 $61.95
Serves 34-40 $81.95


At Cena, we believe all of our salads are a step above the rest. Each salad we make is perfectly paired with the hot lunch it em and is made with special mixes of greens ordered weekly. The dressings are all made from scratch with special attention to detail in how they taste with each salad. If salads are chose as an additional side when not ordering a hot lunch, the price is $3.25 per person.

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  • Delivery costs are applicable depending on the catering size & time of day. Typically $15.00 within Sherwood Park & will differ outside of this location.
  • For delivery, minimum orders of $150.00 (within Sherwood Park) apply and $200.00 outside of Sherwood Park.
  • If hot food is part of an order, we will deliver the food in insulated bags and disposable foil containers. Should you wish to have chafing dishes these are available, however the cost will depend on the size of the group & order.
  • Can accommodate most any dietary restrictions and/or needs.
  • On-site service is also available for larger groups.
  • 48 advance notice is required, however we may be able to accommodate you with less notice. Please call to confirm.
  • **Payment is required for the same day as delivery or pick-up**
  • GST is added to the total on all orders
  • Cancellation Policy: Any orders to be cancelled must be done at least 48 hours in advance. Orders cancelled between 24-48 hrs prior to catering will be charged 50% of the entire bill & orders cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to the catering will be charged 100% of the bill.
Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad
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