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Breakfast Menu

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad


Breakfast catering Options

Minimum of 15 people

Signature Breakfast Sandwiches

$7.95 per person

Fresh croissants, thin wholegrain buns, herb & garlic buns, and bagels are smothered in our special seasoned mayo, fresh tomato slices, along with our wonderful egg-meat and cheese. Add maple sausages or bacon (2 per) for an additional $2.00/person.

Ham & Cheese Hashbrown Casserole & Maple Sausages

$9.95 per person

Start the morning off with this delicious hashbrown casserole served with maple pork sausages (2 per person)

Traditional Potato Hashbrowns, Scrambled Eggs & Maple Sausages or Bacon

$8.95 or $10.95 per person

Diced Potato Hashbrowns are tossed in with fresh green onion is served with Cheesy Scrambled Eggs & your choice of maple sausages (3 per person) or bacon (4 per person)

Assorted Quiche (Traditional & Crab)

$7.95 per person

Traditional quiches are filled with cheddar cheese, bacon & green onion. Creamy crab quiches are rich with sour cream, swiss cheese & a hint of paprika. All quiches are filled in a flaky 4” individual pie shell. Add maple sausages or bacon (2 per) for an additional $2.00/person.

Assorted Yoghurts

Regular or Calorie Reduced are available at $1.95 per person

Fresh Fruit Platters

A wonderful assortment of freshly cut seasonal fruit served with a cream cheese yoghurt dip
**Prices may vary slightly due to market conditions out of our control**

Serves 10-12- $36.95
Serves 20-24- $69.95
Serves 35-40- $92.95

Assorted Juices

$2.25 per person

Yogurt Parfaits

$3.95 per person

Build your own parfait with flavored yogurt, seasonal fruit & healthy granola

  • Delivery costs are applicable depending on the catering size & time of day. Typically $15.00 within Sherwood Park & will differ outside of this location. Any breakfasts that need to be delivered prior to 7:30 am could be subject to higher charges.
  • For delivery, minimum orders of $200.00 (within Sherwood Park) apply and $250.00 outside of Sherwood Park.
  • If hot food is part of an order, we will deliver the food in insulated bags and disposable foil containers. Should you wish to have chafing dishes these are available, however the cost will depend on the size of the group & order.
  • Can accommodate most any dietary restrictions and/or needs.
  • On-site service is also available for larger groups.
  • 48 advance notice is required, however we may be able to accommodate you with less notice. Please call to confirm.
  • **Payment is required for the same day as delivery or pick-up**
  • GST is added to the total on all orders
  • Cancellation Policy: Any orders to be cancelled must be done at least 48 hours in advance. Orders cancelled between 24-48 hrs prior to catering will be charged 50% of the entire bill & orders cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to the catering will be charged 100% of the bill.
Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad
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