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Guide to organizing a great BBQ party with Sherwood Park Caterer

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With the onset of winter, the mood is all set for a nice BBQ party. BBQ parties are especially great for corporate mingling at a casual scenario or even for corporate picnics. While organizing corporate events like BBQ party, it is best to leave the management to the professionals like corporate catering Sherwood Park companies who come up with many excellent options. But it is always best to know about a few things and guidelines before going ahead with organizing the whole thing.

Venue– The venue should be perfect and being outdoors is a must as that helps in proper ventilation while food grilling is in process. A garden is ideal and if it is not possible to find outdoor options then in case of indoors the grill should be kept close to windows so that the smoke can escape.

Theme and decor– You can add some spice to your party by coming up with some theme. According to that theme you can plan the decor. But even if the party is just generic make sure that there are enough chairs, some long tables, forks, spoons, plates and cups.

Food– Sit down with your Sherwood Park caterer and decide on the menu. There are many options on the type of meat to be served like tender steaks, brisket, turkey legs, sausage, beef or pork ribs, etc. If children are included then there should be hamburgers and hot dogs as well. Other accompaniments may be corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, creamed corn, fried okra, salads, pickles, relishes, burger buns along with condiments like mayo, mustard and ketchup.


For the diet-conscious you can include fresh fruit salads. In the corporate crowd there may be some vegetarians as well so you should keep meat-free options like grilled vegetables, pasta, bean salads, veggie burgers, vegetarian chili, etc. For desserts corporate catering Sherwood Park can give you many options like if you want to opt for something light then freshly cut fruits is best. For a traditional ending to the BBQ ritual, apple pies and ice creams are good options. Other options can be lemon bars, pecan pie, cookies, crisps and fruit cobblers.

Drinks– In a corporate BBQ party cocktails like mojitos, sangrias, long island iced teas, margaritas, etc act as good options. However, in this scenario the non-drinking guests should not be forgotten. For them fruit juices or mocktails are great options which can be had by children as well.

Entertainment– To make sure that the party is a fun one you have to introduce an entertainment factor. Good music is the best form of entertainment and for some added fun you can even include a dance floor. Fun games can also be included such as Twister and others.

BBQ parties are best for outdoor gatherings and banquets but do keep the theme and crowd in mind while organizing one. Casual business mingling can be done in such a setting. But for smooth organization and food management it is best to consult a Sherwood Park caterer.

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