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Hot Lunch Menu

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad


Hot lunch Options

Price ranges from $9.95 to $16.50 per person
Up charge to dinner portions for $2.00-$4.00 extra per person

Chicken Marsala

A classic, delicious dish with tender chicken breasts that are braised with Cena’s blend of herbs and spices, and then covered with our outstanding sliced mushroom Marsala & Sherry sauce. Served with your choice of Lemon Herb Rice or Roasted Potatoes & choice of Salad ($15.50)

Tailgate BBQ Chicken

Fresh chicken (skin-on and bone-in), is topped with our own BBQ sauce & slow roasted in the oven. Served with your choice of Roasted, Mashed or Scallop Potatoes. Your choice of salad. ($15.50)

Santa Fe Chicken

A dish that represents New Mexico’s “soul food” at its best by combining tender chicken breasts with corn, black beans, Southwestern spices on your choice of Cumin Inspired Rice or Cajun Potato Wedges, along with a wonderful Mexican Salad that has some kick! ($14.95)

Meatballs with a Sweet & Sour Pineapple Sauce

Two bite meatballs are slowly cooked in a sweet & sour pineapple sauce.
Served on the side is Jasmine Rice & your choice Salad ($13.95)

Mediterranean Chicken

Tender chicken breasts are marinated in traditional Greek seasonings, full of garlic and essence & then served with a choice of flavored rice or Greek Potatoes, along with either a fresh loaded Greek Salad or Cucumber Tzatziki Salad. ($15.95)

Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa

This perfectly light dish has lean chicken breasts seasoned and then topped with a beautiful, fresh mango salsa. It is then served with Your choice of Jasmine or Coconut Rice & Mandarin Orange Salad with Cinnamon Almonds ($14.95)

Chicken Parmesan with Penne

Chicken breasts are lightly coated & seared in a seasoned panko breadcrumb mixture, on a bed of our homemade vegetable Marinara Sauce tossed with penne & topped with Cheese. Served with your choice of salad. ($15.50)

Beef Stroganoff

Rich stroganoff made with extra lean ground beef, and flavored with a white Chablis wine, sour cream and mushrooms. Served on top of egg noodles with your choice of Salad. ($14.95)

Ukrainian Lunch

If you are feeding a work crew or a group that wants a hearty meal, this is it! Ukrainian Sausage is served with sautéed onions, cheese perogies are smothered in butter & bacon, and meat filled cabbage rolls topped with tomato sauce. Served with Sour Cream. Salad can be added for an additional $1.95 per person. ($16.95)

Lime Infused Chicken Fajitas

Build your own! Tender chicken breast pieces are marinated & served with flour tortillas, sautéed peppers & onions, sour cream & salsa, and choice of salad. (Mexican Salad is recommended) ($14.95)

French Dip

AAA Canadian aged beef roast (aged min of 21 days) is slow cooked in a rich broth and beer for at least 12 hours! It’s served w/ fresh Ciabatta Buns (2 per person) & your choice of Salad.
Additional Au Jus is served on the side. ($14.95)

Sticky Orange Chicken

Chicken Breasts are coated in Panko breadcrumbs & then smothered in a slightly sweet Asian inspired sauce. This is a very Popular Cena classic. Served with your choice of either Jasmine Rice or Vegetable Chow Mein & Asian Salad ($14.95 w/ rice or $16.50 w/ noodles). Add on Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2 per) for $3.25

Southern Pulled Pork

A Carolina classic with slow-cooked pulled pork perfectly seasoned and served with sesame buns and a smoky BBQ mop sauce on top. This is served with a Red Smashed Potato Salad & Sweet Apple Coleslaw.
Add our Smoky Baked Beans for $2.50 extra per person. ($13.95)

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Chicken breasts are topped with a rich parmesan seasoned butter & then broiled lightly to create a perfect lunch. Served With your choice of Roasted Potatoes or Lemon Herb Rice and choice of Salad ($14.95)

Hearty Chili with Cheddar Cornmeal Dumplings

Our chili is loaded with extra lean ground beef, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions and fragrant spices. Served with cheese cornmeal dumplings, and choice of salad. ($13.75).


Tacos (Minimum 15 people)

Back to the Basics! Taco Beef, both soft & Hard shells are served with all the essentials; Sour Cream, Salsa, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions, Shredded Lettuce and Diced Tomatoes. ($10.95)

Pasta Marinara with Salad & Garlic Toast (Vegetarian)- Min 20 people

Our in house made Marinara sauce is mixed with everything under the “kitchen sink”! Loads of vegetables are tossed with Penne- Marinara Sauce and then served with an Italian Salad & Garlic Toast. ($9.95)

Lemon Garlic Chicken Linguine with Salad & Garlic Toast- Min 20 people

Marinated morsels of chicken are tossed with Linguine in a delightful Lemon, Garlic & Butter Sauce.
Served with a Salad & Garlic Toast ($10.95)

Salad Choices

House Salad
Mexican Salad
Potato Salad
Broccoli Salad
Greek Salad (add’l charges will apply)
Italian Salad
Asian Salad
Caesar Salad
Spinach Salad
Sweet Apple Coleslaw
Mandarin Orange Salad
Cucumber Tzatziki Salad

Do to seasonal issues and/or produce shortages and alerts, some salads may either not be available or be subject to a surcharge per person.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Veg Salad


Spicy Potato Curry

Classic Indian Spices are mixed with potatoes, tomatoes, peas, black beans, and finished with coconut milk. (Vegan)

Mexican Quinoa

Quinoa is cooked with a vegetarian broth and finished with a hint of cayenne, black beans, corn, and fresh cilantro. (Vegan)

Vegetarian Chili

Our vegetarian chili is loaded with lentils, tomatoes, onions and fragrant spices. (Vegan)

Vegetarian Burger

Smothered in onions.


A blend of vegetables in a creamy egg mixture and baked in a pastry shell.

Pasta Marinara

Loads of fresh vegetables are sautéed and mixed with our own Marinara Sauce & served with Pasta.

Ravioli in a Wine Infused Tomato Sauce

Ravioli is tossed with a rich wine infused tomato sauce.

extra’s & details on “side” items

Assorted Drinks

$1.95 per person
An assortment of soft drinks
$2.25 per person for juice
$1.95 per person for bottled water

Assorted Desserts

$1.95 per person

An assorted platter which includes: chocolate chunk cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, double chocolate chunk cookies, tiger brownies, haystack brownies, caramel swirl cake, lemon streusel cake, assorted macaroons, double dutch chocolate brownie , and carrot cake

Fruit Tray

A beautiful tray of cut seasonal fruit
**Prices may vary slightly due to market conditions out of our control**

Serves 10-12 $36.95
Serves 20-24 $69.95
Serves 34-40 $92.95

Veggie Tray

A healthy & colorful tray of seasonal vegetables
**Prices may vary slightly due to market conditions out of our control**

Serves 10-12 $31.95
Serves 20-24 $61.95
Serves 34-40 $81.95

  • Delivery costs are applicable depending on the catering size. Typically $15.00 within Sherwood Park & will increase outside of this location.
  • For delivery, minimum orders of $175.00 (within Sherwood Park) apply and $200.00 outside of Sherwood Park. Breakfast is a minimum order of $200.00
  • If hot food is part of an order, we will deliver the food in insulated bags and disposable foil containers. Should you wish to have chafing dishes
  • these are available; however the cost will depend on the size of the group & order.
  • Can accommodate most any dietary restrictions and/or needs.
  • On-site service is also available for larger groups.
  • 48 advance notice is required; however we may be able to accommodate you with less notice. Please call to confirm.
  • **Payment is required for the same day as delivery or pick-up**
  • GST is added to the total on all orders
  • Cancellation Policy: Any orders to be cancelled must be done at least 48 hours in advance. Orders cancelled between 24-48 hrs prior to catering will be charged 50% of the entire bill & orders cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to the catering will be charged 100% of the bill.
  • Cena Gift Certificates are not valid for catering purposes.
  • If on-site catering is required with staff, an 18% gratuity will apply
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